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Hi! I am Mario Alfredo

In this site, you will find my photographic work in different fields. I specialize in weddings and portraits. Still, you will also find that I am passionate about other aspects: Fine Art, Products, Real State, travels, babies, pets, etc. I

If I have had the opportunity to click!, on the most important moments of your life, it is very likely that here, on this website, you will find those memories.

I am located in Phoenix, AZ. But I move all over Arizona and beyond if necessary, even outside our borders. Wherever you call me, I will be there to immortalize the best moments of your life.

What is essential for me is that you discover this day, so special for you is not only captured in pictures. Is Your day, enjoy it, as a milestone in your life and, thru the photos, you can return as many times as you want

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