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About me

Mario Alfredo Photography

"What happens only once is as if it never happened. If man can only live one life, it is as if he does not live at all. 

Photographs can bring us closer to the idea of "living again". We are made of a set of memories. I want to think that each photo contributes to preserve them and avoid that the passage of time erases our best moments.

I like to photograph going unnoticed, to "steal" the moments of truth, the hugs, the kisses, the looks, the smiles, the love. And also that you look at me in camera with serenity, and let yourself be portrayed calmly, with your truth ahead.

If your philosophy of life is relaxed and optimistic, without artifices, without forced poses or conventionalisms, if you live a love story like a film worthy of being told, if you have a wonderful family, or if you think that this is the best moment to take some photographs without haste, I would love to meet you. 


You put the dream, I add the photos.

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