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Real Estate Photography as a connecting tool

In the real estate sales industry, the visual aspect has always been one of the most important. If we were to make a list of factors of importance, perhaps we would have to place it just behind the so-called "customer service". Visual forms offer a wide spectrum, from the image of a real estate agent to the overall appearance of an agency. In between, we have countless points where "the visual" occupies the most varied degrees of hierarchy. What place does real estate photography occupy in the services you offer to the client?

When a client looks at your real estate portfolio, the first thing he sees is the photo. After that, they look at the area, number of rooms, etc. Something generic or low quality does not attract clients or generate sales.

When a person is looking for a house, they look at many options. And thanks to the internet and a real estate portal, he will do it faster. In the end, all the houses he has seen will look the same and he will not remember most of them.

The first 3 seconds of seeing your property, the element that captures his interest is... the featured photo. Everything else looks the same as what other real estate agencies show. Therefore, it is very important that you show the best picture of each house you sell.

The client imagines living in that property even before they know whether or not it's right for them to buy it. For this reason, the photographs of a property are important to capture their attention. Before taking the photos, make sure that everything is presentable.

Good quality photography generates emotion and a feeling of trust between the client and the real estate broker. In addition, it allows the brokerage to differentiate itself from the competition, attracting more clients and increasing sales.

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