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The time when a virus brought families together

What has this pandemic left us? Believe it or not, it has left us with life lessons, lessons for every human being as a person, as a father, as a mother, as a son, as a grandfather, as a cousin, in short, as a family. Since the rise of technology and social networks, although we did not see it, the family was separated, if disunited, each one interacting on their own, we forgot about face-to-face conversations, about physically embracing, about saying I love you in the eyes... This pandemic made us stay at home, and maybe many of us argue, or have differences, but in the end, we are all united at home and in the family. Let us not waste this time, let us take advantage of it, to embrace, to say I love you, let the embraces speak their own language of love, because the basis of society is love in the family. And therefore, knowing that everyone is at home, and that we all sit at the table, as before, playing games for fun, or rather, we returned to be as before a united family. Let us leave a perennial mark of something that perhaps one day will end, so that each one can take his or her own path where life takes them. Today mark this time with a family photograph, a photograph with the grandparents, with the grandchildren, with your children, pets, with that newborn baby. Consider that, after everyone leaves, the only thing that remains are the photographs of memorable moments in our lives, do not let more time pass. We want to leave your history, your family, captured in photographs, beautiful portraits to inherit them to the next generations, photographs that motivate them to follow the same path, which leads to family unity.

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